​Are you going through a really difficult time, a time of transition and change? Do you have low energy, are feeling confused, have some depression, anxiety and more stress than usual? I can help!

Connecting to your spiritual center on a daily basis is an
important part of self care. Maintaining this connection
helps you to stay grounded. It also helps to provide the
energy you need to move forward in faith. Learning to
protect your energy is essential! Your energy is the
vitality of life. Allowing someone or something to
negatively impact your energy will ultimately drain you of
your power. (much like a Hoover vacuum). Learning to use
the art of connection, whether it be through meditation,
communing with nature, sitting in silence, music and/or
prayer, helps to serve as a means of loving, protecting and
guiding your intuitive/spiritual self.

I love helping people heal, transform and then thrive.


The soul always knows what to do to heal itself.  The challenge is

to silence the mind.

Caroline Myss

My Purpose


I am a conduit…sharing my blessings, passion, wisdom and spiritual connectedness in an authentic way.

I motivate, inspire, connect and support others in their transformational process.

All within the sacred space of unconditional love.