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Sticking your neck out and taking charge of your career is no trivial matter. Whether that’s switching careers, going back to school, or walking away from a j-o-b to start your own business, it takes a lot of guts.

Our Services

Session Information:

  • Email and spot calls (5-10 min. max) are included in the pricing.

  • All sessions are prearranged: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

  • Concrete data is provided which can help you on your journey, opening you up to new possibilities and providing fodder for clearer decision-making going forward.

Focus Your Vision's Key Learning Points

  • Keep Your Vision Focused 
    When we focus our visions, we find their 

  • Stop, Look and Listen
    Great visions don't leap out to meet us. To find 
    one, we need to slow down and really understand what's happening

  • Hold On To the Best, Let the Rest Fall Away
    Intellect helps us find 
    which parts of our visions are truly important and which to get rid of.

  • Trust Your Intuition 
    If we learn to trust it; our intuition can reveal 
    spectacular visions.

  • It's Not Trespassing to Go Beyond Your Own Boundaries
    risks and expanding our horizons helps us turn visions into reality.

  • Make Your Vision Big Enough
    The really big visions should never be 
    focused too tightly.

  • Do You Have Juice In Your Camera?
    Juice is the passion, the energy
     needed to realize our visions.

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