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Sticking your neck out, re-assessing, and taking charge of your life is no trivial matter. Whether that’s switching careers, going back to school, or going out on your own, whatever that may look like, it takes a lot of guts.


Free 15 minute Consultations

See how we can work together.

So, you've had your consultation, and now you're ready to secure your next coaching session! Choose from my three payment options below:


50 minute Coaching Session: $150 plus 3.75% processing through PayPal. 

Life, Career, Relationship, Spiritual, Professional, or Executive Coaching

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Four 50 minute Coaching Sessions: 

$500 plus a 3.75% processing fee. 

Bundle of four 50 minute coaching sessions with a savings of $100

50 minute sessions for $750.00
Savings of $150.00
plus 3.75% processing fee


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  • Email and spot calls (5-10 min. max) are included in the pricing.

  • All sessions are prearranged: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

  • Concrete data is provided which can help you on your journey, opening you up to new possibilities and providing fodder for clearer decision-making going forward.

Focus Your Vision's Key Learning Points

  • Keep Your Vision Focused 
    When we focus our visions, we find their 

  • Stop, Look and Listen
    Great visions don't leap out to meet us. To find 
    one, we need to slow down and really understand what's happening

  • Hold On To the Best, Let the Rest Fall Away
    Intellect helps us find 
    which parts of our visions are truly important and which to get rid of.

  • Trust Your Intuition 
    If we learn to trust it; our intuition can reveal 
    spectacular visions.

  • It's Not Trespassing to Go Beyond Your Own Boundaries
    risks and expanding our horizons helps us turn visions into reality.

  • Make Your Vision Big Enough
    The really big visions should never be 
    focused too tightly.

  • Do You Have Juice In Your Camera?
    Juice is the passion, the energy
     needed to realize our visions.

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