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Your Next Chapter Coach

Jane Siegel

Jane is ‘uniquely qualified’ as both a Coach and a Counselor. She will help bring clarity, focus and meaning to your life, your work, and your relationships. Together you will be able to recognize and work through your own unique challenges - challenges that may be keeping you from living, relating, and working at your full, positive potential, regardless of your situation.


Transitions become transformations when you take the leap!

You are ready


I have been working with Jane for the past two years, and she has really become someone I can confide in and trust to have my best interests at heart. I would recommend her to any woman who is embarking on their next journey in life. She has a way of being able to calm the buzzing thoughts in your head and help you find the root of the issue or what exactly it is you are wanting to do. She also takes the time to help explore your next steps, so you can determine, with confidence, how to begin and therefore move forward. If you are looking for sugarcoating, you will not find it here! Jane will tell you like it is and it comes from a place of caring and genuinely wanting you to live your best and most authentic life.

C. Marie

"I wanted someone that I trust who has my best interest at heart and is capable of guiding me towards my potential in a loving, caring way. I need reassurance. I have the drive and the desire to go for what I want most in life. I need a professional who could be direct with a trusting spirit demonstrating in their
own life what is possible and shinning a little light on the next step. The spiritual piece is very important to me. I wanted a compassionate and listening ear. Jane has been the key that has helped me unlock
my self-made trap and gently got me moving again; shifting me back to the path I blissfully chose."

Jean Crawford 

I went from constantly suffering from mood swings to living with them. Jane taught me how to listen to my body and how to find what works for me as an individual. Jane treats me as an individual not just another person with issues. She nurtured gifts in me that I could not see in myself. Jane helped me to stop being the victim and start healing and taking control of what I
could in my life. Her guidance in my journey helped me to become a woman with self-love when before I had low self-esteem. I now know who I am, when before Jane I was a people pleaser. I know what I need as I listen to my body closely; if I am sleepy a nap is what I need. I love her
holistic approach.

The whole person needs healing!!

Tierra Key

College Student

Rustic Beach Path

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