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Life isn't fair...

As my son reminded me recently, his favorite quote of mine from his youth was, “Life isn’t fair. Get over it and get on with it.” WOW. I’d forgotten that I said that, but it is pretty true…and pretty blunt! That was a shock to me. Honestly, I was embarrassed, but I was also laughing at the same time.

Do not judge me! Believe me, I was judged enough for being a single mother to three boys. Can you imagine? It was crazy, and I was so sure that I was doing a terrible job, but apparently not. So, there’s hope for any other woman raising her kids alone, regardless of gender. I am here to testify that a) it’s all worth it, b) they’ll remember the damndest things, and c) they really do love you…most of the time. ;)

Takeaways! Be your authentic self, and even though you probably have no time as a single mom, put yourself first. Please do it. It will feel selfish, you will feel guilty, it will be confusing, but trust me, you are going to feel better for doing it. Take care of yourself first. And as always: Life is not fair. Get over it and get on with it!!

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