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My Story - Part 1

I wanted to give you some insight into me and my experience that led me to become a transitions coach and licensed counselor. It’s easy to see someone online and not understand who they really are and what else they bring to the table. So, I’m going to begin sharing with you bits and pieces of what I offer besides my professional credentials.

A little about me…besides being Your Next Chapter Coach, I am also a single, divorced mother of three, and a grandmother of seven. Therefore, I am not only learned, but I also have real-time experience from my own life’s transitions and transformations. With transitions often comes difficult, heart-wrenching soul searching, and I have had my share of that.

Try, for example, when in my mid-30s, I went back to school to advance my career, while also transitioning from full-time parent to divorced mother of three. This brought on intense inner conflict and huge questions, such as “Am I deserting my children? Are they going to feel unloved, confused, and ignored? Will they feel Mommy’s career is more important than they are?” And the BIG one: “Will they be permanently injured for life?!”

Also, for Mommy: “Will she be fulfilled if she doesn’t do this? Will she be a better mother if she does? Will she hate herself if she doesn’t advance her career? Is she selfish? Self-centered? Is her family not enough? Can she do both? As a single mom, she needs to feed her family, but is this the way?” EEEEEGADS!!!

Consciously, I realized that I would probably be a better mother to my sons if I remained challenged and involved. However, I was still laden with enormous guilt, which time and lots of journaling to work through. Nevertheless, I can tell you from experience that although that was a really important period of growth, my sons weathered the storm. They are truly awesome men who are open-minded and fully support the personal and professional growth of their wives and daughters. The kind of men we need to see more of in our world today. Not that I’m biased or anything… :)

That’s all for now!



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